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Sustainability Leadership Design

Award Description​

The CoreNet Global - North Texas Chapter Sustainable Leadership Award celebrates work that accelerates the adoption of environmentally friendly and socially responsible real estate practices. Projects will demonstrate the connection of the project, process or program to environmental sustainability; Breadth of impact and type of impact of project, process or program on a firm’s employees and/or clients and the environment.

Award Criteria​

The judges would like to see a focus on linkage between sustainability objectives and how they fit into the overall project and organizational objectives.

The design categories recognize completed building projects. These projects should:

  • Integrate sustainability practices with design excellence

  • Meet the client’s sustainability objectives for the project, and for the organization as a whole

  • Demonstrate collaboration between the design firm and client as equal partners

What is NOT acceptable:

  • Buildings that are not completed or have not been occupied for six months.

  • Buildings completed earlier than 2016.​


For the design categories, you may enter for each completed building project, as long as they meet the entry criteria.

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